In 2007 the collection industry started to experience a rapid growth in inventory. Patenaude & Felix (P&F) placements doubled from the previous years and the firm found it increasingly difficult to effectively manage their workload. It was vital for P&F to have enough manpower to satisfy client needs and expectations while remaining profitable.

P&F started looking for options that would help them increase recovery capacity while reducing costs. Their goals were to maintain control of their agents and ensure the successful recovery processes they had developed. While traditional outsourcing was not an option for P&F, they continued to seek a solution.

Ray Patenaude

Our Mexican debt collectors helped us handle three-times the amount of placements. As a result, our recoveries have increased and we have been able to take on new clients.

Ray Patenaude Patenaude & Felix

Patenaude & Felix was formed in 1991, and maintains offices in Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington. We are currently litigating and collecting for our clients in all seven states. Our firm has been recognized by numerous creditors, Fortune 500 Companies and collection organizations for our professional and ethical representation and high liquidation ratios.


Call Center Services International provided P&F with their own satellite debt collection center in Baja California, Mexico. The strategic benefits for P&F were significantly reduced agent cost, increased recovery capacity and highly educated, bilingual and motivated agents. The Baja collection center is the firm’s own entity and therefore there were no outsourced restrictions from their clients. CCSI setup the corporate infrastructure, located the site, provided FDCPA trained Debt Collectors, coordinated the IT needs, and facilitated the success of the project.

CCSI’s support and guidance has been an essential part of our success in Mexico, according to Ray Patenaude, President of Patenaude and Felix

CCSI assumes all liability in Mexico and continues to administrative the day-to-day functions of the operation allowing P&F to focus their efforts on Debt Collection.

Patenaude & Felix’s Mexican satellite office had an immediate impact on the firm’s productivity which allowed them to climb to the top of their client’s scorecards. The satellite office also facilitated inventory growth over the last two years from 70-90K to 170k-185k in active accounts.

Our Mexican debt collectors helped us handle three-times the amount of placements. As a result our recoveries have increased and we have been able to take on new clients, Ray Patenaude says...

Today, the law firm has grown over 100% in their monthly collections from 1.8 Million to 3.8 million and has increased their debt collection agents from 35 to 120 with the addition of their Baja California office. With placements increasing to over three-times what they once were, P&F is thriving and continuing to expand capacity in Mexico and gain new clients!


"They have been very accommodating in meeting our needs and very helpful throughout the process."

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