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How Mexico Got Back in the Game

In India, people ask you about China, and, in China, people ask you about India: Which country will become the more dominant economic power in the 21st century? I now have the answer: Mexico.

Impossible, you say? Well, yes, Mexico with only about 110 million people could never rival China or India in total economic clout. But here's what I've learned from this visit to Mexico's industrial/innovation center in Monterrey. Everything you've read about Mexico is true: drug cartels, crime syndicates, government corruption and weak rule of law hobble the nation. But that's half the story. The reality is that Mexico today is more like a crazy blend of the movies "No Country for Old Men" and "The Social Network."

Something happened here. It's as if Mexicans subconsciously decided that their drug-related violence is a condition to be lived with and combated but not something to define them any longer. Mexico has signed 44 free trade agreements — more than any country in the world — which, according to The Financial Times, is more than twice as many as China and four times more than Brazil. Mexico has also greatly increased the number of engineers

Expert's Angle: Time for Agents to Stop Being Anti-Social

If your customer service organization defers to marketing to handle inquiries and comments made through social media channels or, even worse, avoids them altogether – you could be headed for a customer service disaster.

Social media is a powerful tool and the truth is your customers are already using it to promote or degrade your brand every day, whether you acknowledge it or not.
Today's customers are well-informed, empowered and more demanding than ever. Not only do they expect their inquiries to be handled with speed and accuracy, but if they receive unsatisfactory service, they can (and will) quickly share their bad experience in vivid detail in social forums like Facebook and Twitter.

To really keep your finger on the pulse of customer satisfaction in your organization, you simply can't afford to avoid the social realm. Contact center agents must become more "social," engage with customers in their chosen channels, and learn to effectively navigate the social world.
Social Media: It's Serious.

Mexico Is Promising A Growth As Worldwide Provider Of IT Services

Mexico's information technology (IT ) industry is posting promising growth on the back of aggressive public policies that promote government, academic and private-sector supp ort. Currently rated fourth worldwide as a provider of IT services, the country is expected to climb to third position in the medium term.

According to Santiago Gutiérrez Fernández, President of the Mexican Electronics Telecommunications and Information Technologies Industries Chamber (CANIETI, for its acronym in Spanish), to which some 700 companies are affiliated, Mexico is the one of the world's main exporter of IT services.

"In the last decade, the sector's exports have risen from a trifling to over 3.75 billion usd. In other words, they have grown more than 70-fold", says Gutiérrez Fernández, adding that "global analyst firms project that, if the present climate of support persists and the industry, government and academics continue to pool their efforts, in just three years Mexico could be rated the world's third most important IT service provider."

Workforce Management for Multi-Channel Centers

A big headache that I have come across in forecasting for a multi-channel center is the absence of any meaningful history for the non-phone contacts and back office activity.
It becomes very difficult to produce a forecast when there is no report to show a pattern of what has happened in the past. Unfortunately, social media contacts seem to be the worst offenders. There are some 3rd party tools out there, like Google Alerts or HootSuite, but they tend to give high-level volume results.

Measuring handle times is often the roughest part, because sometimes when you simply ask the person who is handling the work "how long does it take?" they lean towards sandbagging you and tend to inflate the real length of the work. A process I have used to help with this is a Time Trial Study. In this method, a stopwatch is used between an agent and an observer to literally time the activities that are not measured otherwise.

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