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Contact Center Agent Burnout

A common problem in a contact center environment is agent burnout, and it should not be. Agent burnout causes high turnover rates, employee dissatisfaction and disengagement, absenteeism and tardiness, and poor performance. For all these reasons, it’s a subject that needs attention. What aspects of the job are causing agent burnout and what can you do to avoid it? Here are 10 of the most common reasons that cause burnout in the contact center.

USMCA Benefits Nearshore Mexico

 Following an eternity of uncertainty, the new and improved NAFTA agreement, USMCA, has finally arrived, and it’s looking very positive for Nearshore Mexico. From preferential access, to digital trade liberalization, the USMCA agreement will let the Nearshore industry in Mexico grow fast and this will turn into a positive development. Here are some key takeaways from a recent Nearshore Americas article:

Culture Of Honesty In The Contact Center

Many times, we have talked about the importance of a good work atmosphere in the contact center workplace. It’s necessary to identify what things can affect the workplace you want to create. This time we want to talk about lies and dishonesty. Dishonesty at work can cause deterioration of relationships between coworkers, conflict, team disintegration, stress, and low productivity. There are many reasons why people lie, sometimes people lie to protect others, because of fear or insecurity, to obtain a personal benefit or just as a personal behavior. This is crucial because by understanding the objective of dishonesty in your workplace you can find the right solution.

What Does Customer Service Mean To You

This week we are celebrating Customer Service Week! It’s a good excuse to remind and reinforce the importance of customer service in all levels of the company. At CCSI we made several activities with the members and we created a series of videos about “What Customer Service Means To You?” We asked this question to several key team members in our company, because customer service should not only be put in practice by our agents, but by everyone in the company, and we want to share their answers with you.

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