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Christmas Team Building Ideas

Christmas is a season when we share our time with others and get together, it is a great opportunity to create bonds in your team. An engaged team is more effective and as we always say, happy employees equal to happy clients. Call centers agents pass most of their time on the phone, but it is important to have a united team to reach the goals and have a healthy environment of collaboration. For call center leaders that need to find some team building ideas and want to take advantage of the Christmas time, here are 7 fantastic ideas. 

Santa's Great Customer Service

It’s Christmas season, the most wonderful time of the year. And every kid is hoping with excitement to get a Christmas present from Santa Claus. There are many things we can learn from him, from his kindness to his customer service. Yes, his customer service, he probably has one of the best customer services in the world, just see all the kids smiling on December 25th. For that reason, there are many things we can learn from him. These are the reasons why Santa has great customer service.

This is a season to thank all people that have contributed to our teams, service and company. Some people have the ability to come up easily with a unique, creative and meaningful thank you message, but, for the majority of us, it is really difficult to elaborate a message with those characteristics. You can look for some pre-elaborated messages on the internet, but they might not say what you really want to say or will not have the same impact on your team. We believe it should be a responsibility of every leader to thank their team members with a sincere message. For that reason, we want to help you come up with an original message that will truly express what you feel for your team, with a list of words from where you can choose what fits best for you and some formulas that will facilitate this meaningful task.

Why Contact Center Outsourcing Relationships Fail

Outsourcing relationships help businesses to stay competitive in the market, help them focus on their primary functions and allows them to keep the growth coming, just to mention some of the benefits. But, taking the decision of outsourcing a service and maintaining a successful relationship needs attention, trust, continuous communication and improvement. When it comes to a contact center provider is even more important because they will communicate with your customers, they will become part of your customer experience. Sadly, sometimes these relationships can fail, and we might think it is because of the outsourcing service provider, but remember it is a partnership and both sides need to do their part to make the relationship successful. Here are 7 reasons why contact center outsourcing relationships can fail.

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