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Employee Experience Articles

When it comes to Contact Center Employee Experience, it seems that we’ll never stop learning. Taking care of our employees can be challenging, but essential. Making sure employees have a perfect experience in our company every day will have an impact on making our customers even happier. Therefore, it’s important to keep learning more and more about this topic. We have read several articles that we think are worth sharing with you. These articles talk about how to improve the Customer Experience, but also about how it’s connected to the Employee Experience. Many times, we just think about the customer and we don’t stop to see that maybe the answer is in our employees. We invite you to read these excellent articles:

Reasons Why CEOs Nearshore

Nearshore keeps growing at a yearly growth rate of approximately 6.7% (Frost & Sullivan, 2017). There are more and more U.S. companies looking into Nearshore locations to outsource their contact center or software development operations. In 2015 it was estimated that 20%-30% of U.S. call traffic was being sent to Nearshore delivery sites (Frost & Sullivan). You can imagine how much that percentage has increased by now, and when you analyze see the obvious Nearshore advantages you can see why: cultural alignment,  bilingual capability, proficient English skills, short travel distance, and cost saving. But, what are other real reasons Contact Center CEOs are moving to Nearshore locations for their business needs, concerns, and priorities? Let’s dive into them.

Agent Empowerment

In previous articles, we have talked about the importance of employee empowerment in customer service and in the Contact Center Industry in general. It helps in many ways, from making our customers happier, increasing agent motivation, and reducing cost. There is much more to gain than to lose, don’t you think?

 But, what is agent empowerment all about? Why are managers so scared about this topic?

Annoying Contact Center Phrases

Have you read our previous article, “8 Horrifying Phrases You Never Want To Hear In Your Call Center”? Here are 5 more annoying phrases your customers (and you) hate to hear from Contact Center staff.

There are a lot of phrases that can ruin the customer experience. Customers hate to hear phrases that give them the impression that you don’t really care about them, that you aren’t willing to help them, and that you are not capable of helping them. Sometimes the situation can be the same, but if we make the mistake of choosing the wrong words to answer a question, customers can feel annoyed and frustrated. Here some examples and how to avoid them.

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