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Keep Agents Happy

Many times, we have stopped to think what more can we do to make our contact center agents happy: incentives, empowerment, flexible schedules, free lunches, free massages, decorations, etc. However, to fix a problem you need to see what’s not working. You should know what not to do to keep your agents happy and motivated. It’s as important as knowing what to you should do. Stop and think for a moment, what makes our agents unhappy and are we doing any of these things. Then, come up with a solution for each of these opportunities. Here are 5 things you should not do to keep our agents happy:


Misconceptions About Nearshore

You might have heard many things about Nearshore, either good or bad, that are not necessarily true. Every experience is different, every Nearshore company is different, and there can be rumors and misconceptions just because it’s associated with offshore and outsourcing. But we invite you to take the time to learn more about Nearshore. You will realize that Nearshore is very different than offshore and that it can be a good opportunity for your business… Or maybe not. But that would be something you figure out with your own research and your knowledge about your company. Just to show you that some things you might have heard or thought about Nearshore are not true, here are 4 misconceptions we refute!

Hire the right agents soft skills

In the Contact Center Industry, recruitment can be demanding. Many companies end up hiring just to fill the seats with people and this results in high turnover and more hiring necessities. This bad habit shows the importance of interrupting the cycle and start hiring only the right people. Also, if we talk about Customer Service and Customer Experience, it’s even more important to look for the right people. How do you do this? Asses the soft skills that are needed for Contact Center Agents. Hiring top talent with soft skills that align with your company culture and that can attribute a customer care mindset will obviously reduce your turnover rate and increase your customer satisfaction, as well as many other KPIs you might track. But, what are soft skills how do you assess them? It might seem a little complicated, but don’t worry. These suggestions will allow you to identify soft skills you need for your contact center agents!

Employee Experience Articles

When it comes to Contact Center Employee Experience, it seems that we’ll never stop learning. Taking care of our employees can be challenging, but essential. Making sure employees have a perfect experience in our company every day will have an impact on making our customers even happier. Therefore, it’s important to keep learning more and more about this topic. We have read several articles that we think are worth sharing with you. These articles talk about how to improve the Customer Experience, but also about how it’s connected to the Employee Experience. Many times, we just think about the customer and we don’t stop to see that maybe the answer is in our employees. We invite you to read these excellent articles:

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