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Nearshore Increases Performance

When we talk about Nearshore, many will mention it’s cost-saving advantage and the abundant pool of bilingual and bicultural agents, which are good things to consider for a contact center company. But did you know that having a Nearshore Contact Center can help you increase performance?

There are several ways a Nearshore can increase your call center performance, starting with the bilingual ability of the agents, the workforce capacity you can increase, the expertise they have, and the low turnover rates they manage. Not convinced yet? Keep reading.

Employee Experience

In the contact center industry, we have been talking about Customer Experience and its importance for the success of a company. But now, companies are starting to focus on Employee Experience. It is evident that by improving your Employee Experience you can increase performance, motivation, and profit. Then why don’t we talk more about this?

How To Improve FCR

If you haven’t paid attention to First Call Resolution, or more importantly, to First Contact Resolution (probably you have by now, because you are reading this article), it is time to do it now. Why? By improving your FCR rate, you are getting the best of two worlds at the same time: reducing cost and increasing customer satisfaction.

Empathy Statements

In the contact center, when dealing with customer complaints, problems and issues, empathy can be the determinant point between keeping or losing business. Empathy is nothing more than sensing and understanding the feelings of the other. When we are mad, upset, angry or sad, when we complain, when we are looking for a solution, we want others to understand us. That is why empathy is a required skill in customer service. Many would say that it cannot be trained, but the truth is that you can help your agents show sympathy to customers more efficiently with the following empathy statements.


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