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Mexico City the Best Nearshore

Mexico City is one of the most influential financial countries in the American continent and is globally acknowledged for its economic stability and vast culture. Furthermore, it has the 2nd largest urban population, the biggest in the American continent. Making it the best Nearshore location for Contact Centers, world-class companies have benefited from a large recruitment pool, low-cost labor, low rotation rate and proximity to the U.S. Here We’ll tell you more about the key factors that make Mexico City truly the best option.

Steps To Create A Bonus Program For Your Call Center

Bonuses are a great strategy for call centers to drive motivation and increase performance. The call center work can sometimes turn monotonous and frustrating leading to high turn-over rates, agent burnout and low-performance metrics. Which is why it's paramount to create effective bonus schemes and incentive programs that motivate the agents, increase performance and enforce positive attitudes in the call center. But when there are not properly planned, they can backfire, creating negative competition, demotivation, discomfort or affect negatively the service levels and profit of the company.

For that reason, here we give you 4 steps you need to consider when implementing a bonus program.

Estimating Agent Headcount

Calculating the number of agents, you need in your contact center in order to offer an excellent service for your customer is not an easy task. You probably have a contact center which by now has grown steadily agent by agent.

That might trigger the feeling of being under or overstaffed or maybe your company will have a big change in department headcount growth, and you need to accurately define how many agents you will need. Well, let me tell you that a simple multiplication will not be enough, and you need to look closer to your numbers to make a correct estimation. Probably you already have heard about the Erlang calculator, but you just don’t know what those required numbers are. Here is what you need to consider.

Spanish Speaking Call Center

As we know, there is a large population of Spanish speaking community in the United States, “The significant number of Spanish speakers in the United States places it second among the countries with the largest population of Spanish speakers”. And this number will continue increasing, according to U.S. Census Bureau, anywhere between 39 and 43 million by 2020, that is without taking undocumented immigrants into consideration. What do these numbers mean to U.S. Contact Centers?  It means that to provide good customer service to all their customers including Hispanics, they need to offer bilingual service. Here are 4 reasons why:

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