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Hire Agent Skills & Qualities

The hiring process is one of the most important in a contact center. Why? Call Center Agents are the ones that talk with our customers live and action, many times they are who listens to their concerns, persuade them to buy, help them solve problems and questions they might have, and so on. If you care about customer service and customer experience you know the importance of having prepared agents that can offer an excellent service to our customers. That is why you need to look for people with specific traits when hiring a call center agent. Here are some of the most important characteristics you should look for in a call center agent.

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Do you want to reduce your Debt Collection operational expenses and increase recoveries at the same time?

If so, let's meet at the RMA International Conference (Booth #310) in Las Vegas, February 5th to 7th to discuss a Nearshore Mexico Collections workforce option.

With over 10 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry, Call Center Services International works with top U.S. companies to help them establish a Nearshore Debt Collection Center in Mexico and make sure their receivables recovery goals are accomplished! CCSI provides professional bilingual, bicultural, and FDCPA trained agents that are eager and dedicated to your collection success.

Best Contact Center Articles

First of all, we want to thank all our readers and followers and we hope we have help you improve in one or several aspects of your contact center. This year has been great in many ways, we have grown, we have learned many things, and we want to continue sharing that with you. Here are our 5 most popular articles of the year that you have selected with your views, likes and comments, we put them together, so you don’t miss these learning opportunities.


Christmas Team Building Ideas

Christmas is a season when we share our time with others and get together, it is a great opportunity to create bonds in your team. An engaged team is more effective and as we always say, happy employees equal to happy clients. Call centers agents pass most of their time on the phone, but it is important to have a united team to reach the goals and have a healthy environment of collaboration. For call center leaders that need to find some team building ideas and want to take advantage of the Christmas time, here are 7 fantastic ideas. 

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