Excellent interpersonal skills, motivated spirit, IT knowledge and service oriented mindset


At CCSI we take pride in our agents for their excellent interpersonal skills, motivated spirit, IT knowledge and service-oriented mindset. Our agents have very low turn over rate and are also known for their ability to communicate, accomplish tasks, and achieve goals, as well as their diligent work ethic.

Due to our proximity with the United States, our agents are fluently bilingual and bicultural, which ensures an experienced, diverse workforce capable of handling North American Clients.

Constant motivation is the key to grooming successful agents

By offering our agent's continuous training we are able to provide a highly competent agents, CCSI not only focuses on equipping the agents with the proper knowledge and skills required, but also on improving efforts towards quality service, communication, computer and negotiation skills needed for the interaction part of the job, such as phone etiquette and phrasing.

Some of the agent's skills are acquired through a shared view with Multinational companies that have been outsourcing their call center services to Baja California for many years, such as Verizon, AT&T, Sanyo, American Express and many others.

Agent Training Types:

Systems and Processes

Certification Programs

Negotiation and Closing Techniques

Customer Satisfaction

How to Deal with Rejection

Up Sell and Cross Sell Opportunities

Agent Development:

Ability to listen to agent calls

Onsite CCSI supervision

Top agent mentoring program

Call techniques and flow charts

Best Practice documentation and training

Bonus & Rewards


Baja California is known to have one of the best educational programs in the country, with high rankings in schooling and achievement. The state has 32 universities offering 103+ professional degrees.

The State Government provides education and qualification to increase the workforce according to each industry's needs. State Universities focus on business, marketing, communication and Information Technology degrees, which provide our agents with the skills necessary to succeed.


CCSI agents in Mexico are professional, bilingual & bicultural, with low turnover rate.

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