Nearshore IT / Software Development Solution


Call Center Services International (CCSI) provides World-Class Software Development staffing from our Nearshore Center in Baja California (minutes from San Diego, California) and Mexico City. We will work closely with you to recruit a tailored team of experts to help you with your Software Development needs in the most popular technologies and frameworks in the market today.

We find and hire the right skills required for each of your projects’ unique demands and build a talented high-performance team of qualified software engineers & developers that works as an extension of your office to maintain your Projects, Testing and QA tasks, while helping with continuous improvement of practices and ensuring a successful launch of your Nearshore Software Development Team in Mexico.

Expand Your Team of Software Developers to Accelerate Efficiency

This Nearshore approach gives you complete control over processes, systems, workloads, and project outputs in any phase of your software development life-cycle, from concept through implementation and maintenance, so you can follow goals and milestones with your Nearshore Team.  

Mexico Support and Development Expertise:

Built-In Quality Assurance & Testing

Project Methodology

Continuous Improvement

Performance Testing

Multi-Paradigm Decision Making

Transparent Communication

Issue/Bug Tracking

Dependency Management

Wiki < Knowledge Sharing

Teamwork Code Control


Technology Experience:

Web Technologies

Application Servers

Web Servers

Database Environments

System Administration

Network Architecture

Cloud & Hosting

Business Intelligence


Integration Environments

Nearshore Call Center Services Benefits:

Cost Saving – Reduce labor and overhead costs by 50% (compared to U.S.)

Reduce Time Of Recruitment - We hire qualified software engineers and developers for your project.

Abundant Talent -  Average 5,000 skilled software engineers in the Baja region

Increased Cultural Alignment – Bilingual & Bicultural Workforce

Short Travel Distance

Same Time Zone


CCSI can ensure a successful launch of your newest Nearshore Technology Support & Development Center with cost saving and workforce benefits to your business.

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