Nearshore Work-From-Home Agents


CCSI’s Work-From-Home agents solution provides Redundancy, Service & Staffing Objectives, Operational & Security Controls, and a Healthy Work Environment.

Call Center Services International (CCSI) has expertise in staffing and deploying a Work-From-Home (WFH) agent model for our North American Clients. We created and developed technology platforms to make the WFH model plug and play. Our platform allows operational & security control and real-time monitoring of productivity & performance goals. This model ensures Business Continuity with minimal risk of system failures and workforce health interruptions.

Case Study: Communication & Productivity Success | How to Control Work-From-Home Nearshore Operation?

Discover how CCSI helped a Leading U.S. Cleaning Servicing Company deploy an effective Work-From-Home Model for it 100-agent customer service operation.


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Our WFH platform includes remote tools for training, monitoring, coaching, performance development, management oversight, and IT support functions thus keeping a healthy team environment.

CCSI's WFH Advantages:

Redundancy - CCSI’s platform allows you to have Redundant Locations and Work-From-Home Agent models within nearshore Mexico.

Service & Staffing Objectives - CCSI can recruit top-notch Bilingual talent from multiple geographic locations to meet your Service Level Objectives.

Operational & Security Controls - We monitor operational performance in real-time and have security controls to remotely lockdown all critical data.

Healthy Work Environment – CCSI’s WFH model can guarantee a workforce that has less risk of illness from close human contact.

CCSI WFH Keys of Success:

Operational Control - We maintain a VPN connection from the WHF platform to your Data Center Systems. This allows you to have full control of the operation.

Security Control - Our platform is completely locked down with encryption, dual authentication, security updates, and firewall protection directly to data systems.

Real-Time Monitoring - Our Compliance Team can monitor agent screens and keyboard activities under the coaching and incognito modes.

Productivity - CCSI can measure productive hours per agent to determine agent ranking level per team productivity metrics.

Performance Goals - CCSI will review performance metrics daily to ensure goals are met.


Our agents have a strong American culture influence and over 30% have lived in the States. They are fully bilingual with minimal to no accent.

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